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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Breakfast with Santa at Grand America

Each year for our Taylor family Christmas tradition we usually go to Santa vs. Snowman in 3D at Imax. This year it wasn't playing so we tried something new- Breakfast with Santa at Grand America. What a spectacular experience. It was so festive, whimsical and fun! Grand America is gorgeous already so it doesn't take much to make it more "grand" The decorations were off the charts, the staff was amazing and the food was terrific. But what really stole the show was Santa and Mrs. Claus. He was the most real Santa I have ever seen and she was the cutest and most real Mrs. Claus I have ever seen. Sooo sweet and cute! Our kids couldn't believe their eyes. During breakfast they walked around to each section and sat with each child. We took pictures and filmed the experience. What was really cool and unexpected was how Santa got the parents to sit on his knee and ask us what we wanted. They didn't rush the process or let us down in the slightest. What a magical and fun time! Thank you Gary and Dixie with providing such a wonderful Christmas memory.

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  1. So fun! This Mr. & Mrs. Clause always come to our family party. I agree...they are the best. They are so great with the kids too. This breakfast looks amazing... You should make it your new tradition!